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What Emotions Motivate Action on Climate Change?

Effective climate communicators understand that emotion plays a key role in motivating action. What many communicators want to know, however, is which specific emotions they should try to evoke to motivate action on climate change. New research by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication recently featured by Big Think, however, may help to answer this question. Researchers […]

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Acknowledging Climate Anxiety

Talk of the overlap between psychology and climate change most often focuses on values and behavior change. Yet there’s another type of overlap that’s rarely discussed: our affective response to climate change – our feelings associated with the issue.   In this Sightline Daily article, Renee Lertzman asserts that our underlying feelings about climate change […]

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New Research: How to Move Americans on Climate

Poll results just released by the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University and the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication reveal a host of new findings about Americans’ climate attitudes and beliefs. While these findings provide valuable information to policymakers and advocates about where America is on climate, they can also guide […]

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What Climate Advocates Can Learn from Fairytales

Climate advocates often focus more on appealing to people’s heads rather than their hearts, assuming that if people just knew the truth, they would act accordingly. But as research shows, attitudes, opinions, and decision making are strongly rooted in emotion. Stories and fairytales, suggests Andrew Simms in this recent Guardian piece, may be one way […]

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Communications gone viral: the role of emotion

No one wants to post a video or an article that will only be seen once. People want their content to go viral. Indeed, it’s this kind of scale that we at ecoAmerica strive for, and it’s this kind of scale that we encourage in our climate colleagues around the country. The tricky part is […]

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