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4 New Insights That Will Change the Way You Talk About Climate

Climate change has been getting lots of media coverage lately – unfortunately, it’s not the kind of attention we’d like to see. With President-elect Trump and many of his advisors publicly expressing doubt about climate science, climate advocates have their work cut out for them.   Fortunately, help has arrived in the form of four […]

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Protecting Climate Progress: ecoAmerica Leaders Gather to Discuss the Implications of the Election

Climate advocates in America (and around the world) woke up to a new reality on November 9th. We are all now looking for common ground to address the threats to climate progress that the Trump administration presents.   On November 29th, leaders from the Blessed Tomorrow, Climate for Health, and Path to Positive Communities programs […]

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New Research: Latino Climate Messaging Report and Webinar

Climate change is not a new issue for Latinos. More than 60 percent of U.S. Latinos live in the states most affected by air pollution, high temperatures, flooding, and other climate impacts, making them disproportionately vulnerable to health and economic risks. As a result, Latinos – especially Spanish-speaking Latinos – are aware of and support […]

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Why the Partisan Divide on Climate Change Is Shrinking (And How to Make It Even Smaller)

Over the last few months, concern and awareness about climate change have been steadily increasing. Whatever your politics, it’s difficult to stay skeptical when monthly and yearly temperatures keep shattering records.   This week, a new study was released showing that climate acceptance among Republican voters has nearly doubled over the past few years. The […]

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The Role of Psychology in Climate Communications

With global heat records being shattered each year, the reality of climate change is increasingly evident – so why aren’t more people willing to take action? Much of it has to do with human psychology. As people grow aware of the damage to the climate, they often experience a sense of loss and grief that […]

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Want to Motivate People to Act on Climate Change? Ask Them How They Want to Be Remembered

More and more Americans are aware of the dangers of climate change – but that doesn’t always translate to action. Often, more immediate concerns such as paying bills or caring for their families take priority. Communications that show how climate solutions answer those concerns (by reducing air pollution, for example, or by lowering energy costs) can […]

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New Research: 4 Top Messages for Strengthening Support for Climate Solutions

Last week, we released our latest research report, Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Americans. Along with Lake Research Partners, ASO Communications, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, ecoAmerica has developed market-tested messages designed to engage Americans on climate solutions.   Our research revealed four clear communication themes that help link climate change to mainstream […]

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New Research: Messages to Help You Start a New Conversation on Climate

Did you know that 71% of Americans believe that climate change is happening, but 68% believe that it’s risky to admit their view on the issue if different from their friends and family? Why aren’t Americans talking about climate change? Might it be because we’ve been talking about it in ways that seem risky, scary, […]

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What Twitter Can Teach Us About Climate Change Sentiment

The Twittersphere is a place for personal expression, where anyone can post, share, and respond to the things they care about. According to a new study that analyzed 1.5 million tweets, it’s also a great resource for spreading climate awareness. As this Pacific Standard article explains, Twitter conversations about climate tend to feature activists, rather […]

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5 Effective Ways to Get People to Take Action on Climate Change

If you’re aware that climate change is a serious problem that requires immediate action, it can be hard to understand why not everyone feels that way. But rather than arguing with the unconvinced or piling on more scientific facts, the best way to reach people is to understand their psychology. This Co.Exist article offers five […]

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