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Motivating Climate-Friendly Behavior: A Human-Centered Approach

Along with expanding our clean energy options, using energy more efficiently is an important component in the climate change fight. But getting consumers to participate in energy efficiency programs isn’t always easy. Two of the most commonly used levers – explaining the benefits and offering incentives – haven’t proven to be effective on their own. […]

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Putting People First: 3 Ways to Approach Climate Communications

When it comes to climate action, partnerships and collaboration – whether they are across party lines, between nations, or within your own community – are more necessary than ever. The Paris climate agreement, the growing urgency of our climate challenge, and an increased awareness that action is necessary to keep our planet healthy, all push us to […]

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3 Areas Where Americans Agree on Clean Energy and Climate Change

Is the American public really divided on climate change? According to a new memo recently put out by nine Democratic pollsters, bipartisan support for addressing climate change is actually quite broad. The report found three main areas of consensus:   1. Most Americans consider climate change a serious issue and want action to address it […]

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