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Consensus About Climate Change Among Weathercasters Nearly Unanimous

As severe storms, extreme temperatures, and other climate-related weather events grow more common, climate awareness among weathercasters continues to rise. A new survey from George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication found that 99 percent of U.S. weathercasters accept the existence of climate change (an increase of nearly 9 percent since May of last […]

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Getting People to Listen to Your Climate Message: 3 Tips from Communications Expert Ed Maibach

As we’ve mentioned in earlier posts, a growing majority of Americans (including conservatives) believe climate change is happening and that humans play a role. But what about those people who still either aren’t convinced, or think climate change is unrelated to human activity? With the right approach, it’s possible to engage that segment of the population […]

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Discover the Secrets of Better Climate Communication (Video)

Effective climate communication is no different than other types of communication – if you want to engage, use images and stories, rather than facts and statistics. As Think Progress points out here, this strategy was very much in evidence at the recent White House Summit on Climate and Health. The climate communications panel at the […]

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How to Talk About Climate Change: Tips From the Experts

Over the past decade, social scientists have learned a good deal about how to talk about climate change, and how not to talk about it. If any one truth has emerged, says a new segment on Marketplace it’s that climate change communication is a lot more nuanced than anyone used to think. But experts have […]

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