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How Climate Change Is Impacting Mental Health Down Under

Research on the mental health impacts of climate change is remarkably scarce, which is especially surprising given that depression is already the second leading cause of disability around the world. Much of the research that does exist, has been done Down Under, where a small but dedicated team of researchers has been exploring the mental health implications […]

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How Storytelling Can Make Climate Change Real

For many Americans, climate change continues to be an abstract concept that has little to do with day-to-day life. But a new series of videos recently featured on the Yale Environment 360 blog may change that. The videos, produced by the nonprofit journalism group The Story Group, detail how climate change is impacting the lives […]

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Rural Nebraskans Hit by Drought but Skeptical of Solutions

A new poll from the University of Nebraska has surfaced some interesting tensions in local impacts: a sense of personal, local economic and environmental impacts of climate change – while showing less interest in solutions, particular government-led ones.   This is UNL’s 18th annual Rural Poll, with 2,317 responses that measure the sentiment of rural […]

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Act Now and You’ll Save Your Home (this offer won’t last forever)

This Bloomberg article is a call-to-action on Americans to immediately prepare for climate change’s impacts. It says we must move beyond the “belief” debate (which does, in fact, seem to be waning), and show the public what is coming if nothing is done now. Drought is a major concern at the moment, but Americans should […]

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All Plays in Climate Change are Starting Higher

Last month we spoke baseball, but if your speaking to a basketball fan, a recent video by The Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media offers another sports metaphor (at minute 4:52 in video) that can help the public understand why climate change is a game-changer to everyone’s future. The video also offers soundbites […]

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Can Water Lead a Nation to Climate and Make it ‘Drink’?

by ecoAmerica’s Special Projects Director Judy Mills   How “climate” became a four-letter word in America is worthy of a book. But we don’t have time for another book. We urgently need sustained, constructive dialogue about this tarred-and-feathered issue with mainstream Americans and their elected policymakers. Might “water” be the Trojan horse that takes climate […]

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