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No Snow for Christmas in the Big Apple: The Health Implications of Mismatched Weather

Preparing for a final round of 2015 work travel last week, I pulled down my suitcase and, before selecting my wardrobe, conferred with my personal assistant. “Hey Siri, what’s the weather look like in New York City for the next three days?” “High temperatures are expected to be in the mid-60’s,” came the reply. You […]

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Why Doctors Are Making a Connection Between Climate Change and Health

From family doctors to the Surgeon General, more and more medical practitioners are making the same diagnosis: climate change is bad for your health. Doctors are seeing an increase in respiratory ailments, cardiovascular disease, and heat-related deaths.   The cure? Cutting carbon pollution. According to a new study from researchers at Harvard and Syracuse, if […]

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The Health Challenges (and Opportunities) of Climate Change

This past week, the news was full of stories about Buffalo’s massive snowstorm, which meteorologists link to climate change. But severe weather isn’t the only effect we’re feeling. Health impacts have also been reported – and health leaders are speaking out to help raise awareness of this issue. In this Wired article, Howard Frumkin, Dean […]

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