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Using Social Science to Encourage Climate-Friendly Behavior

At ecoAmerica, we are strong believers in the value of psychographic, social science, and communications research in finding effective ways to engage people on climate issues. It appears President Obama shares this view. As this Scientific American article reports, he has requested that federal agencies use behavioral science insights to help increase participation in energy […]

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The Next Big Energy Trend: Changing Behavior

When building support for climate solutions, emphasizing benefits like cost savings and cleaner air can go a long way. But benefits are only part of the story. Along with rational drivers like price, people make energy decisions based on a whole range of other factors, including peer influence, ingrained habits, and preconceived notions.   A […]

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understanding the effect of bias

Making Behavioral Biases Work for You

How is it that two groups can be presented with the same information, but come to vastly different conclusions? One reason may be the way the information was phrased. But another factor that often comes into play is bias.   There are many forms of bias. One that we face often in climate communications is confirmation […]

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