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How to Market Climate Change: Tips from an Expert

One of the biggest challenges environmental advocates face is talking about eco-climate issues in a way that resonates with mainstream audiences. David Fenton, Founder and CEO of Fenton Communications and ecoAmerica Board Member, however, is out to change that. Over the past three decades, Fenton and his colleagues have transformed the way hundreds of environmental […]

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Adaptation: Big Oil’s New Favorite Word

Recently at the Council of Foreign Relations, ecoAmerica Board Director David Fenton asked the Exxon/Mobil’s CEO to give his perspective on what America can do to stop climate change. In this article, David explains why Rex Tillerson’s answer of “we will adapt to this” is unacceptable and cannot be what Americans hear as a “solution.”  […]

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How to End the Recession With Climate Solutions

At our Change of Atmosphere Conference earlier this week, ecoAmerica Director David Fenton delivered a thought provoking speech on how to engage Americans in climate solutions and reignite American economic momentum at the same time.   His remarks at the conference were posted on the Huffington Post. Read them below.   How to End the […]

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