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3 Important Lessons From the Keystone XL Victory

In a very big year for climate action, one of the most significant climate achievements was the defeat of the Keystone XL pipeline.   After seven years of wrangling with the oil industry and politicians, Americans won a major climate victory when President Obama vetoed the Keystone pipeline this year. What lessons can we learn […]

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The Keys to Better Climate Collaboration

Climate change is a multifaceted challenge, and solving it will take a multifaceted approach. Organizations across all sectors are seeing the value of collaborating on solutions, whether it’s companies helping their suppliers produce more sustainable products, or communities and governments partnering to help make renewable energy more affordable. But as the article below points out, […]

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Cities and Businesses: Unlikely Allies in Advancing Climate Solutions

Usually, we hear about how one isolated sector is responding to climate change, like how higher education institutions are seizing opportunities for hands-on learning, or how the healthcare sector is starting to make the case for climate action. But far less common are stories about how sectors are working together to respond to climate change. […]

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