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How Moral Conviction Could Make the Difference at the Paris Climate Talks

Today, the UN Climate Conference begins in Paris. Stakes are high, as are the hopes of everyone who believes this is our best chance to protect our future. But will these talks be able to succeed where others have failed? Climate scientist, evangelical Christian, and MomentUs leader Katharine Hayhoe believes this time is different – […]

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What Does the Rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline Mean for the Climate Movement?

Last Friday, after a seven-year battle between fossil fuel interests and climate activists, President Obama formally denied permission for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have brought oil from Canada’s tar sands to the U.S. The move was largely symbolic, as the pipeline would not have created many permanent jobs or contributed greatly […]

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Climate Action Has Already Saved the U.S. $200 Billion

A strong global climate agreement at the Paris conference will be a huge boon for the U.S. economy, according to a new report by the New York University School of Law’s Institute for Policy Integrity. Action by other nations (as well as our own) to cut carbon emissions offers direct cost benefits to the U.S. […]

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climate message at Emmys

TV Stars Broadcast a Powerful Climate Message at the Emmys

To build a strong consensus for climate action, we need to bring climate issues into the mainstream. Sunday night’s Emmys broadcast helped accomplish just that by bringing a climate message into living rooms across America. As this Newsweek article reports, a number of celebrities at the ceremony wore green ribbons showing their support for climate […]

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Citibank Says Investing in Climate Solutions Could Save $30 Trillion or More

The argument that climate solutions are good for the economy just got a major boost. Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions, a division of Citibank, put out a new report last week comparing the cost of action on climate with the cost of inaction. As this Guardian article explains, the energy expenditures of the “action” scenario […]

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Christiana Figueres

Christiana Figueres and the Importance of the Paris Climate Summit

The upcoming U.N. climate conference in Paris will decide the fate of our planet – and its success depends greatly on the efforts of U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres. As this New Yorker article explains, she is responsible for convincing the nations of the world to move away from fossil fuels and make major commitments […]

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How to Send World Leaders a Powerful Message About Climate Action

The climate negotiations happening in Paris this December must succeed – the health of our planet depends on it. But what can we, as individuals, do to help ensure world leaders take meaningful action?   We can march.   On November 29, just before leaders gather in Paris, a global People’s Climate March is being […]

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Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg

The Important Role of Cities in the Fight Against Climate Change

Climate change is a global issue, but it’s also a local issue, impacting communities, families, and individuals. That means city and local governments have a major opportunity to lead on climate solutions. As former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg points out in this article (co-authored by Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo), urban areas contain most […]

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Majority of Global Citizens Want Urgent Action on Climate Change

We’ve seen many studies that have helped illuminate American opinions and beliefs about climate change – but a new global survey offers an insightful look at attitudes around the world. This survey, the most comprehensive of its kind ever conducted, involved 10,000 citizens from 79 countries. 78 percent of respondents said they were “very concerned” […]

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Have Oil Producers Finally Come Around on Climate Change?

A few weeks ago, we mentioned a recent survey that showed a high degree of concern about climate change among oil and gas industry insiders. It seems that concern is now turning into action – eight of the world’s biggest oil companies have joined together to express their support for cutting carbon emissions. As this […]

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