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Moving Forward: What The Paris Climate Agreement Means For Our Future

The Paris climate talks (COP 21) are being hailed as a historic turning point for our world; after two weeks of negotiations, 195 countries have agreed on the necessity of addressing our climate challenge. As detailed in this New York Times piece, these countries have pledged to curb carbon emissions, invest in clean energy and […]

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Day 6: ecoAmerica in Paris – How Corporations Can Act On Paris Climate Agreement

It’s the day after the huge event Aimee Christensen (founder, CEO of Christensen Global Strategies, pictured left) helped organize — “Climate and Capital,” on the sidelines of COP21, to inform and encourage investment in climate solutions — but she is not showing any signs of slowing down. She hops from one appointment to the next, […]

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john hill

Day 4: ecoAmerica in Paris – Climate Progress, One Story At A Time

John Hill (pictured, left) is using communications skills honed over 23 years of work in Washington, D.C., every day this week in Paris at COP21.   As Assistant General Secretary for Advocacy and Organizing at the United Methodist Church’s (UMC) Board of Church and Society, Hill works with an international UMC delegation that aims to […]

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Day 3: ecoAmerica in Paris – Scholar Activism and How Higher Ed is Shaping Climate Progress

Noah Kittner (pictured, left), a PhD candidate in energy and resources at the University of California, Berkeley, ran cross country as a high school student in Raleigh, North Carolina. He may have learned a thing or two about endurance back then that is helping him through long days at COP21 this week. Here in Paris […]

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Day 2: ecoAmerica in Paris – Latino Leaders on Democratizing the Climate Process

The grand postmodern hall in the “Order of the Architects of the Isle of France,” a stately building near the gare de l’est train station in Paris, is abuzz with a language that is not French. This is a gathering to celebrate U.S. Latino and Latin American leadership on climate change at the Paris climate talks. Spanish rules. […]

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