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4 New Insights That Will Change the Way You Talk About Climate

Climate change has been getting lots of media coverage lately – unfortunately, it’s not the kind of attention we’d like to see. With President-elect Trump and many of his advisors publicly expressing doubt about climate science, climate advocates have their work cut out for them.   Fortunately, help has arrived in the form of four […]

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What Conservatives Really Think About Clean Energy and Climate Solutions

Climate change has long been a partisan issue, and by some measures, America is more polarized on this subject than ever. But that doesn’t mean that all conservatives are opposed to climate action – far from it. Just this month, we’ve seen numerous examples of prominent conservative leaders speaking out in favor of clean energy […]

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blog-partisan divide closing-5.4.16

Why the Partisan Divide on Climate Change Is Shrinking (And How to Make It Even Smaller)

Over the last few months, concern and awareness about climate change have been steadily increasing. Whatever your politics, it’s difficult to stay skeptical when monthly and yearly temperatures keep shattering records.   This week, a new study was released showing that climate acceptance among Republican voters has nearly doubled over the past few years. The […]

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New Poll: A Majority of Republicans Support the Paris Agreement

Republican Congressional leaders and presidential candidates may not be supportive of the Paris climate deal, but their constituents are – according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, 58 percent of Republicans approve of working with other nations to fight climate change. An even greater number (68 percent) say they are willing to make individual efforts to […]

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George Pataki

4 Signs That Conservatives Are Embracing Climate Action

Calls for climate action aren’t just coming from liberal politicians and environmentalists – more and more often, they are coming from places dominated by conservatives, and the messages are getting increasingly difficult for hard-line GOP politicians to ignore. In an article for The Conversation, Andrew J. Hoffman, Holcim (US) Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at the […]

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Weather Channel series - The Climate 25

New Weather Channel Series Makes the Conservative Case for Climate Action

For true audience engagement, the messenger is often just as important as (or even more important than) the message. A new series of videos about to be launched by the Weather Channel aims to engage their largely conservative audience by using voices they think their viewers would relate to.   As this Slate article explains, […]

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Senator Jim Inhofe

Here’s Why More Than 56% of Congressional Republicans Deny Climate Change

With so much scientific evidence showing the causes and risks of climate change, why do so many politicians continue to deny that climate change is man-made? According to a new study by researchers at the University of Maryland and the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, the climate debate is largely fueled by “echo chambers,” where policymakers […]

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Increasing Moral Engagement on Climate Change

As we pointed out in a recent post, the majority of Americans feel a moral obligation to fight climate change. But there still remains a partisan gap in moral engagement: conservatives are less likely to view environmental issues in moral terms than liberals.   This shouldn’t be construed to mean conservatives don’t care about the […]

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