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Heavy snow in Buffalo

Political Affiliation Affects How People Perceive Extreme Weather

Weather events like unseasonably warm days or epic snowstorms should be a convincing argument for climate change. But according to a new study in Nature Climate Change, how people perceive the weather has a lot to do with their political beliefs. Respondents were polled in March 2012, just after an unusually warm winter. As outlined […]

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The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax

Historically, the concept of a carbon tax has been something a nonstarter, given conservatives’ deep-seated antipathy to the idea of raising taxes. But that could change, if conservatives come to see why a carbon tax may not be so antithetical to their values after all. In a recent op ed, thinktank director Ian Adam outlines a rationale for why conservatives […]

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Tommy G. Thompson  of  New Bern, NC disputes scientific climate change data for sea level rise in NC

Deepening Understanding to Drive Action: Climate, Conservatism, and Culture

It’s hardly news that climate change is a highly polarized political issue. Liberals tend to support action, while conservatives tend to defend business as usual. But what’s at the root of these differences? This article, published in the German news publication Der Spiegel, suggests the answer may not just be politics, but the cultural differences […]

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Coin report

Communicating Across the Partisan Divide – in England

Although ecoAmerica’s focus is on Americans and climate change, sometimes it is really useful to cover case studies from other countries, especially when the learnings can be applied here at home.  This interesting piece in the U.K.’s Guardian covers a new report from the Climate Outreach and Information Network on bridging the British political divide […]

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Sportsmen Prioritize Conservation Over Fossil Fuel Development [Poll]

In a poll conducted for the National Wildlife Federation, 2 out of 3 self-identified hunters and anglers said they believe that our society is morally obligated to confront climate change. Although the sportsmen polled had a mix of political affiliations that weighted on the conservative side (42% Republican, 32% Independent, 18% Democrat), a strong majority […]

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Republican Meteorologist: Top Ten Reasons to Accept Reality on the Climate

Paul Douglas, Chief Meteorologist for WeatherNation TV, has a strong message for his fellow Republicans: accept the reality of climate change because we don’t have time to continue to deny what is happening. In his article below, Douglas counters the typical Republican arguments (“there’s debate on the science”; “it’s an aberration”; “weather has always been […]

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A ‘Converted’ Climate Skeptic Explains Why He Changed His Mind (Audio)

D. R. Tucker, conservative author and radio host, has "converted" to believing in climate change.   Will his public announcement encourage more conservatives to start looking at the facts with an open mind and have, what Tucker calls, an "Ah-ha moment"? In the audio interview included in this TreeHugger article, Tucker says, "The scientific findings ultimately […]

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Scientist proves conservatism and belief in climate change aren't incompatible

Scientist proves conservatism and belief in climate change aren’t incompatible

In this article by Neela Banerjee, she features politically conservative scientists speaking against the popular Republican “agenda of denial” philosophy on climate change.  They describe climate change as fact, and not a subjective ideological topic or politically dividing, debatable issue.  They make the case that all Americans need to address it together. (more…)

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