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5 Effective Ways to Get People to Take Action on Climate Change

If you’re aware that climate change is a serious problem that requires immediate action, it can be hard to understand why not everyone feels that way. But rather than arguing with the unconvinced or piling on more scientific facts, the best way to reach people is to understand their psychology. This Co.Exist article offers five […]

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teaching conservatives about climate change

The Key to Engaging Conservatives on Climate Change Issues

Much has been written about the partisan divide on climate – conservatives are far more likely than liberals or moderates to express doubt about climate change or oppose climate action. If we are to build widespread, mainstream support for climate solutions, we’ll need to get conservatives on board – but how?   This Washington Post […]

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Why One Climate-Friendly Action Doesn’t Always Lead to Another (and What to Do About It)

Rationalization is an all-too-common human behavior. Because we did one good thing (or plan to, at least), we often tell ourselves it’s okay to do something not so good. It all balances out – right? Usually not, unfortunately. As this Washington Post article points out, this type of compensatory thinking tends to backfire. And according […]

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Support for clean energy

The Climate Disconnect Between Americans and Congress – and What to Do About It

In survey after survey, the message is clear – Americans want the government to support the expansion of clean energy, protection of public lands, and pollution controls. A new poll from Hart Research Associates found that 60 percent of voters strongly support setting limits on carbon emissions from power plants (and 82 percent are somewhat […]

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