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Hurricane Sandy

3 Tips for Using Images to Increase Climate Engagement

As communicators, it’s impossible to overstate the value of imagery. A visual image can create a strong emotional connection much more quickly and memorably than words can. By helping people understand an issue and boosting their empathy, images can help them make the leap from indifference to action.   But not all images resonate equally. […]

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GOP logo

The Truth About Republicans and Climate Change

The new crop of Congressional Republicans seem united in their resistance to climate solutions – but the same isn’t true of Republican voters. A new study from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication found large variations in opinion among the GOP electorate. A majority of moderate and liberal Republicans believe climate change is happening, […]

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What Do Family Values Have to Do With Fighting Climate Change?

If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you’re a strong supporter of climate solutions. But what was the moment that moved you from feeling concern to wanting to take action?   For Rolly Montpellier, it was a poem that read in part: “My great, great, grandchildren ask me in dreams / What did […]

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understanding the effect of bias

Making Behavioral Biases Work for You

How is it that two groups can be presented with the same information, but come to vastly different conclusions? One reason may be the way the information was phrased. But another factor that often comes into play is bias.   There are many forms of bias. One that we face often in climate communications is confirmation […]

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wind turbines

How to Dramatically Increase Support for Climate Solutions

We feature a lot of polls on this blog – they provide valuable insights into public opinions about climate change. But it’s important to remember that poll results can vary, even when the polls cover similar topics. The reason? How a person answers a question depends a lot on how the question is phrased.   […]

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clothing rack

Should We Rethink What It Means to Be a “Green” Consumer?

The holidays are about many things – festive celebrations, goodwill towards others, spending time with family and friends…and shopping.   To help encourage consumers to buy their products and services, more retailers are highlighting their sustainability credentials. But today’s consumers need more than that – they also need a clear demonstration of how a company […]

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inspiring millennial consumers

Inspiring Millennials on Sustainability: It’s All in the Presentation

If you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, you’ve probably wrapped a lot of packages in the last few weeks. And you most likely spent some time choosing the right paper and ribbons to make the package look its best. If a gift is carefully wrapped, isn’t the recipient more excited to open it?   Packaging matters. […]

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Yale Study - Public Perceptions of Health Consequences of Global Warming

What Americans Need to Know About Climate Change and Health

As this month’s CDC Grand Rounds made clear, health leaders are increasingly concerned about the health impacts of climate change. However, most Americans don’t yet share those concerns.   A recent study by Yale and George Mason University found that only one in three Americans think climate change is currently harming people, and only one […]

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Ryan and Justin

How Climate Solutions Could Save Your Winter Holiday

As college students prepare to head home for the holidays, many are daydreaming about their weeks of leisure through January. Both of our sons hope to spend their vacation time flying down steep, snowy mountains. Our college freshman, Ryan, loves snowboarding – Justin, our high school junior, prefers skiing.   When our family gathers together […]

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