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The truth about climate change

Getting to the Truth About Climate Change

Do we live in a post-truth society – one in which “objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief”? The term was so widely used in 2016 that Oxford Dictionaries named it their international word of the year.   But maybe this phenomenon isn’t entirely new. People’s […]

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blog-social media and misinformation-1.12.15-square

Taking the Climate Conversation Beyond the Echo Chamber

Social media is a powerful communication tool – Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms allow users to share information and ideas widely, and build a base of supporters quickly. But social media is also very effective at spreading misinformation, and in doing so, can reinforce the echo chambers that cause rumors and myths to persist.   […]

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understanding the effect of bias

Making Behavioral Biases Work for You

How is it that two groups can be presented with the same information, but come to vastly different conclusions? One reason may be the way the information was phrased. But another factor that often comes into play is bias.   There are many forms of bias. One that we face often in climate communications is confirmation […]

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