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Day 1: ecoAmerica in Paris – Health and Climate

ecoAmerica’s Vice President of Development, Peggy Knudson, is in Paris for the climate talks (COP21). She will be sending dispatches from Paris all week, sharing firsthand observations and analysis, and interviewing climate and ecoAmerica leaders. Today Peggy shares an interview with Dr. John Balbus, ecoAmerica leader and senior adviser to the director of the National […]

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How to Market Climate Change: Tips from an Expert

One of the biggest challenges environmental advocates face is talking about eco-climate issues in a way that resonates with mainstream audiences. David Fenton, Founder and CEO of Fenton Communications and ecoAmerica Board Member, however, is out to change that. Over the past three decades, Fenton and his colleagues have transformed the way hundreds of environmental […]

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A call to arms for the PR industry

The PR industry is known for its influence. PR professionals and other corporate communicators shape opinions and behavior every day. They know how to craft content, connect communities on- and offline, and explain and affect public opinion. Climate advocates have been fairly immersed in PR and communications for some time, but why are we still […]

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Seven Lessons the Climate Movement Can Learn from Marriage Equality

This article in the Daily Beast offers some very practical advice for climate change communicators: how to adapt the successes of the marriage-equality movement to our campaign work.   “The Gay-Rights Playbook: How to Fight Climate Change Now,” written by an experienced gay-rights activist, offers seven major points of commonality between the two causes. As […]

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Moral Movement

The Moral Arguments for Action: Who is Using them, and How?

While there is much study of the efficacy of ethical arguments for taking action on climate change, there is less known about who is using them, and how. In a recent study, the National Climate Ethics Campaign and the Resource Innovation Group looked at 135 organizations, both religious and secular, that rely primarily or partially […]

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To Improve Your Communication Skills, Read Joe Romm’s book Language Intelligence

In this DeSmog article, Brendan Demelle describes Joe Romm’s new book, “Language Intelligence: Lessons on Persuasion from Jesus, Shakespeare, Lincoln, and Lady Gaga” as a “must read” for anyone in a communications field. Demelle praises Romm’s direction on effective techniques of communication — how to form your most persuasive messages and tools that tap into […]

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Bob Perkowitz Speaks at the New Economics Institute’s Conference [Video]

This past June ecoAmerica’s Bob Perkowitz spoke at the New Economic Institute’s Strategies for a New Economy 2012 Conference in a session titled Changing the National Conversation through Message, Research, & Communications.  In an excerpt of Bob’s speech below, by pulling key insights from his unique blend of expertise in corporate marketing and innovative approaches at […]

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Make it “Us” to Make it Real

In her TEDx talk, Simran Sethi discusses the psychological barriers to environmental engagement. In order to transform our world, Sethi advises, we first have to transform the way we engage with each other. We all process information in different ways; what we see and what we directly experience matters. Humans respond to threats that they […]

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Freedom of Information Not Allowed Here

by ecoAmerica’s Special Projects Director Judy Mills   I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am just a dyed-in-the-wool communicator. Asked too may questions as a child. Majored in communications as an undergraduate. Worked as a newspaper and magazine journalist before my career in conservation. And I am gobsmacked about the major bits of news […]

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It’s all about the people, right?

On his blog, Greenway Communique, Nathan Schock advocates ecoAmerica‘s approach to connect directly to the public by building solutions that are developed based on mainstream Americans’ values and beliefs. He believes this approach will bring about real change in the movement.   Posted 7.7.2011 on Greenway Communique by Nathan Schock   The latest report from […]

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