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Care for Personal Health = Care for Global Climate

In this article, psychologists, global health organizations, and communications experts weigh in on how to effectively use climate change’s affect on public health to generate support for climate as a relevant and urgent priority of the general public. The article also discusses how climate and health experts should tailor messages according to their audience’s relation […]

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The Comedy Connection

When executed correctly, humor is a way to lighten a difficult topic and make the subject more accessible to people, but comedy can be hard, especially on the topic of environment. This Grist article also points out some environmentalists and scientists may be a bit too serious when discussing their field of passion, but if […]

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The Art of Using Metaphors for Environmental Communication

When communicating difficult and/or new topics like climate change and fracking, developing simple metaphors with something used in the public’s everyday life can help people absorb the otherwise rather complicated information much easier.   NPR, AP Correspondents: Useful Climate, Fracking Metaphors Cross-post from Yale Climate Media Forum by Bud Ward The pursuit of the ‘perfect’ […]

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Stop Debating the Perfect Metaphor, Let’s Focus on Communicating Reality

In this article from the Yale forum on Climate Change and the Media, Keith Kloor says the environmental community has an obsession with finding the perfect metaphor for communicating environmental and climate issues to the public, but this effort to relate the issues to something familiar or historical backfires when it only leads to debate […]

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Step Away from the Microphone So We Can Be Heard

by ecoAmerica’s Special Projects Director Judy Mills   Do you ever feel as if we climate-preparedness advocates are the only people listening to the latest updates on climate change?   If so, ecoAmerica’s research shows you may not be imagining things. Significant numbers of Americas believe our concerns aren’t for them, according to new survey […]

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An Effort to Clarify the Climate Conversation

Scientists know that climate change is real, but can they effectively communicate the facts in layman’s terms and offer solutions to the public? Some are at least trying. In this article, Andrew Revkin credits the scientists behind The Conversation for their approachable presentation of climate change science and public policy efforts.   Posted 6.14.2011 on […]

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The New Communications Climate

In this WMO Bulletin, Andrew Revkin says cultural change, courage, and creativity are the tools for successful communication on climate change to the general public. Revkin also pleads for the environmental experts to stop relying on the media to spread the message; he encourages the climate scientists and policy leaders to speak directly to the […]

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Engaging the Public With Climate Change: Behavior Change and Communication – A Review

A new book, "Engaging the Public With Climate Change: Behavior Change and Communication" is an expansive investigation of societal response to climate change, examining why public alarm is scarce when the science is clear.  Leading academics, communications specialists and community practitioners exchange experiences and philosophy on breaking the habits of mind and practice that prevent […]

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2009 in Review: Public Opinion on the Environment

2009 in Review: Public Opinion on the Environment

Nathan Schock created an extremely detailed timeline of the polls and surveys regarding public opinion towards the environment in 2009. The data that Schock lists paints a picture that is not that positive for public support towards the environment. One piece of research that Schock leaves out is ecoAmerica's Climate and Energy Truths report. Truths […]

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Moving Green Consumer Purchasing From 'Me' to 'We'

Moving Green Consumer Purchasing From ‘Me’ to ‘We’

Melissa Schweisguth makes a good point in a recent GreenBiz article. Recognizing that consumers are drawn to green products and brands that provide them with obvious personal benefits, Schweisguth remarks on the need for a tactical way of promoting brands that are harder to illustrate in that way, like renewable energy. She suggests that education […]

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