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New Organization Aims to Give All Americans an Opportunity to Go Solar

For clean energy to truly go mainstream, it needs to be available not just to corporations and a select group of homeowners, but to everyone. The vast majority of Americans support expanding the use of clean energy, and many would appreciate the opportunity to directly enjoy the cost savings and other benefits of solar and […]

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Why the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Clean Power Plan Won’t Stop the Clean Energy Revolution

Last week, the Supreme Court stunned supporters of climate action by temporarily freezing the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. The ruling could be setback for the EPA and for America’s contribution to the Paris climate agreement. But as this Washington Post article argues, it doesn’t mean an end to the transition to clean energy. The Clean […]

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Why Climate Challenges Should Be Seen as Opportunities

Climate solutions are often met with resistance because people mistakenly believe they will be costly or burdensome. It’s more accurate (and more productive), however, to see the climate change fight as a series of opportunities.   For example, the still-unrepaired methane leak in California’s Aliso Canyon is certainly alarming – but as this article in […]

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How Collaboration Can Make Climate Solutions Smarter

One challenge we face as climate communicators is the misperception that climate solutions require sacrifice. In reality, climate solutions present opportunities to create a better world – not only for people, but also for wildlife.   As David Yarnold, President of the National Audubon Society (and ecoAmerica board member) points out here, it’s possible to develop ambitious clean […]

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The Art of Persuasion: Framing Climate Solutions in Terms of Personal Values

The political divide on climate change is closing – but it still exists. How can climate communicators get beyond partisanship and focus on solutions? One very effective technique is to put yourself in the shoes of your audience, and frame the issue in terms of the values they hold most dear.   As this New […]

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New Study: Highlighting Co-Benefits Helps Motivate Climate Action

In our climate communications research, we’ve learned that emphasizing the co-benefits of climate solutions can make people more likely to support climate action. This is true whether or not a person believes climate change is happening. A new study recently published in Nature Climate Change echoes those findings. In a survey of 6,000 people from […]

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EPA Chief Gina McCarthy Explains the Economic and Health Benefits of Climate Action

As the EPA puts the final touches on their Clean Power Plan, some state governors are threating not to comply. But EPA chief Gina McCarthy remains confident that the plan will succeed. In this interview with Salon, she explains that regulating carbon emissions is well within the EPA’s authority under the Clean Air Act, as […]

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Why Doctors Are Making a Connection Between Climate Change and Health

From family doctors to the Surgeon General, more and more medical practitioners are making the same diagnosis: climate change is bad for your health. Doctors are seeing an increase in respiratory ailments, cardiovascular disease, and heat-related deaths.   The cure? Cutting carbon pollution. According to a new study from researchers at Harvard and Syracuse, if […]

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