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Fox News Only Covers Climate When It’s Cold

A Media Matters analysis recently featured in Salon reveals that Fox News’ climate coverage is heavily driven by weather patterns. In other words, Fox only covers climate when it’s cold. According to the analysis, Fox covered climate change nine times during the polar vortex cold spell between Jan. 2 and Jan. 8 of this year, […]

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A call to arms for the PR industry

The PR industry is known for its influence. PR professionals and other corporate communicators shape opinions and behavior every day. They know how to craft content, connect communities on- and offline, and explain and affect public opinion. Climate advocates have been fairly immersed in PR and communications for some time, but why are we still […]

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New York Times desk

New York Times’ climate coverage plummets

Climate coverage in The New York Times dropped dramatically last year, according to a recent analysis featured in Joanna Foster’s blog post on Climate Progress this week. But it wasn’t because there were fewer stories about climate to report on. It was because the The New York Times closed its environment desk, dismantled its Green Blog, […]

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Ski resorts Declaration

Ski Areas Speaking from the Mountaintops for Climate Solutions

Last week, we posted an interview with Erich Blackford, an avid skier and ecoAmerica board member sounding the call for action in the ski industry. Well, it looks like he has company: last week, Ceres announced that over 100 ski resorts from Maine to California have signed onto the Climate Declaration, as one of the […]

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Seven Tasks for Connecting in a Murky Climate

Last week ecoAmerica‘s Meighen Speiser joined Cara Pike from Climate Access on a panel at the BECC conference. Together they spoke of salient and effective paths forward for climate communication that inspires action. In this article, Cara lays out 7 clear tasks for those facing the murky waters of climate communication to help translate it […]

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[New Report] Americans Believe the President & Congress Needs to Make Climate Change A Priority

Yesterday, Yale Project on Climate Change Communication released its fourth report from their latest national survey of over 1,000 adults. In September 2012, it was reported that a growing majority of Americans say the President and Congress should make global warming a priority and that corporations, industry, and citizens themselves should do more to address […]

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Good Morning, America. Sandy Is Our Harsh Wake-Up Call

With media outlets across the country covering Hurricane Sandy around the clock, so far little correlation has been made to its relationship with climate change. In this Democracy Now! video Bill McKibben, co-founder and director of 350.org, and Greg Jones, climate scientist and professor of Environmental Studies at Southern Oregon University, help map out that […]

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We Didn’t Hear “Climate Change” In the Presidential Debates, But Does That Matter?

This Stanford Social Innovation Review article suggests that sometimes those in the climate movement get fixated on convincing others that climate change is occurring rather than putting an emphasis on combatting its progression. Both presidential candidates realize that voters do not connect with the abstract concept of climate change and have dedicated every minute of […]

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The Climate Doubt Strategy that Shifted Our Nation…Backwards

This PBS FRONTLINE feature explores the shift in public opinion on climate change throughout recent years, and how, despite scientific consensus, certain special interest groups were able to strategically infuse doubt throughout the country. In the video, you can see the glee of the leading skeptics who successfully gained conservative support by spinning climate policies […]

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The Personal Relevancy of Climate Change – Impacts on Winter Recreation and Business

The USDA Forest Service recently conducted a study that found average winter temperatures have increased by 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit since 1955, causing a decline in snowpack levels. These shifts will directly impact Americans’ major winter recreational activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, and snowmobiling. In addition to directly affecting Americans’ opportunity for winter fun, […]

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