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The Importance of Listening When Talking About Climate Change

The overwhelming majority of scientists believe that global warming is caused by human activity – but less than half of Americans share that opinion. If we are to build mainstream support for climate solutions, is it essential to change their minds? Maybe not. As this GreenBiz article points out, many Americans who are firm supporters of […]

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Finding Common Ground in the Climate Debate

Though more and more Americans are expressing belief in climate change, many still deny that it exists or is a serious threat. According to a new study, people on opposite sides of this debate are united on one thing: a dislike for one another. This makes meaningful dialogue between the two groups difficult – especially […]

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The Psychology Behind Climate Denial, and What to Do About It

Climate skepticism continues to bewilder many stakeholders working on climate solutions. Why do skeptics believe what they do? And what’s the best way to engage with them? In a recent piece in The Conversation, cognitive scientist Stephan Lewandosky answered questions submitted on Reddit about conspiracy theories, climate denial, and public reactions to science. What’s most […]

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What Apple’s Climate Decision Means for Climate Communicators

Apple made a bold announcement about the company’s stance on climate earlier this week: climate deniers need not invest. According to a recent Climate Progress article, CEO Tim Cook told shareholders last week in response to criticism from a conservative think tank that the company “want[s] to leave the world better than we found it.” […]

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How to Approach a Climate Skeptic

Climate change continues to be a highly polarizing issue. According to psychological research, part of the issue has to do with the way our brains process information. We’re biologically predisposed to seek out and trust information that confirms our existing points of view, a phenomenon known by psychologists as “confirmation bias.” This means that those […]

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How to Break the Silence on Climate Change

For many people, climate change is something you just don’t talk about. Like politics or religion, it’s a controversial topic that many people would rather bypass entirely rather than tiptoe around. But thankfully, communications research over the years has generated a series of insights that can help us talk about this sometimes taboo topic. In […]

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The Climate Doubt Strategy that Shifted Our Nation…Backwards

This PBS FRONTLINE feature explores the shift in public opinion on climate change throughout recent years, and how, despite scientific consensus, certain special interest groups were able to strategically infuse doubt throughout the country. In the video, you can see the glee of the leading skeptics who successfully gained conservative support by spinning climate policies […]

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Climate Skeptics and Conservatives, Alike, Are Changing Their Opinions

From Republican leaders to the CEO of Exxon Mobil, in this WSJ article Fred Krupp reports that the usual climate skeptics are reevaluating climate change’s probability and accepting the truth of its existence. This is a step in the right direction, but emerging “we’ll adapt” wordsmiths (i.e. it’s happening, but don’t worry about it) should […]

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Positivity Defeating Skepticism

Through a recent study, psychologists found that foreshadowing negative consequences of climate change is not an effective route to convince a skeptic on global warming. Instead, the study suggests that more effective approaches might be concentrating on mitigation efforts that show care for others or pointing to the economic and technological development benefits. How to […]

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OK, climate sceptics: here’s the raw data you wanted

To dispel climate skeptics’ theories of inaccuracy that led to “climategate” and remove a barrier of inaction by the public on climate, Climatic Research Unit (CRU) has released the raw data for temperature records going back 150 years around the world to the public. Research partners like NOAA warn that this release could harm future […]

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