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Study Reveals Bias in Media Coverage Toward Scientists Who Deny Climate Change 

A new study reveals that media coverage of climate change is heavily biased toward climate deniers. The study, which was recently featured by Climate Progress, shows that scientists who deny climate change are significantly more likely to receive frequent media attention than those who agree with the scientific consensus that climate change is real and human-caused: 30 percent […]

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Communicating the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change

What’s the best way to communicate the fact that the overwhelming majority of scientists believe that climate change is real and human-caused? Is it metaphors that compare scientists’ beliefs on climate change to doctors’ beliefs about whether or not a child is sick? Or descriptive statements? Charts and graphics? New peer-reviewed research suggests that the most compelling ways to communicate the scientific […]

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Time to Apply ‘Science’ to Communicating Science

by ecoAmerica’s Special Projects Director Judy Mills   Several times this week I have heard arguments from very savvy environmental leaders about why we need to do, teach and espouse more science so Americans will “get” climate change.   It’s true. We do need to do more science to prove the effects of climate change. […]

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