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Vatican Pope

Discover the Secrets of Better Climate Communication (Video)

Effective climate communication is no different than other types of communication – if you want to engage, use images and stories, rather than facts and statistics. As Think Progress points out here, this strategy was very much in evidence at the recent White House Summit on Climate and Health. The climate communications panel at the […]

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ecoAmerica’s Bob Perkowitz Speaks at Citizens’ Climate Lobby International Conference (Video)

On June 21, our founder Bob Perkowitz gave an address at the Citizens’ Climate Lobby International Conference in Washington, DC. Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-partisan organization focused on generating the political will needed to address climate change.   Bob began his speech by pointing out the biggest challenge facing the climate movement: only three […]

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Climate Humor

Lightening Up: How Humor Can Help Make Climate Issues More Approachable

Is climate change too serious to joke about? Certainly there is nothing funny about threats to public health, or extreme temperatures and historic drought – but there is much to be said for the value of humor in dealing with serious topics. While it’s more vital than ever to raise awareness of the need for […]

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How Metaphors Helped Make Pope Francis’ Climate Encyclical Go Viral

Pope Francis’ recent encyclical about climate change was 183 pages long, yet he was able to get his main points clearly across to millions of people. How? By choosing a few key phrases and sending them out through Twitter and other media outlets. As this Forbes article explains, the Pope’s twitter account, @Pontifex, tweeted out […]

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10 Psychological Insights That Will Improve Your Climate Communications

Why aren’t more people concerned about or actively fighting climate change? A big reason is human psychology.   A new article in Grist points out 10 qualities of human nature that can cause people to tune out or downplay climate messages. For example, people don’t respond to threats that seem distant or abstract, they tend to […]

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National Adaptation Forum

Upcoming Workshop: Rethinking Your Notions About Effective Climate Messaging

The National Adaptation Forum (NAF) will convene its second national convention in St. Louis, MO, from May 11 to 14, 2015.   Every other year, this forum gathers the growing adaptation community together to “foster knowledge exchange, innovation, and mutual support for a better tomorrow.” The 1,000 climate adaptation practitioners that are expected to attend […]

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Did We Give Doomsday a Chance?

In this Climate Progress article, Joe Romm pleads a case for using a doomsday tone for persuasive and effective climate change public messaging. He says the prior attempts at this approach were not given their due chance to connect with the public, while current efforts that buffer the gravity of what we’re facing are not […]

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