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Shedding Transaction for Transformation. Building Climate Constituency With Categorical Imperative.

Meighen Speiser is a Member of the Board of Directors at ecoAmerica.   I have always refused to self-identify as an environmentalist. An activist? Not me. Something about those labels didn’t set well. They conjured up images of people, actions, and methods of forging progress that were fueled with anger and protest.   As a […]

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Sustainability Needs an Olympic Effort

The Solution Generation/ACCU climate leadership award supports academic institutions that “Go for the Gold.”   Watching the Olympics this week, I was struck by the level of excellence, dedication, and superiority of our American athletes. These women and men showed up to the games to bring home medals. The months and years of training really […]

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What Inspires You? How to Take Advantage of Your Personal Interests to Motivate for Change

Recently, a 12-year-old ukulele player named Grace VanderWaal appeared on America’s Got Talent and performed what I would call one of the most beautiful original songs I’ve ever heard from a child. Enthralled by her television performance, I found myself playing her video clip again and again, and looked up her other performances on YouTube. […]

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Making Climate Action Contagious From Neighborhoods to Cities

Early this month, I had the great opportunity to tour several environmentally friendly homes located throughout my community. The outing was part of a city garden tour featuring native and drought resistant landscaping, grey-water recycling systems, solar panels and a range of innovative, eco-friendly measures implemented by environmentally conscious homeowners. These homes each presented unique, […]

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Creating the New Energy Future: Climate Leadership Across the Country

In the ten years since An Inconvenient Truth came out, the impacts of climate change have grown increasingly severe. The amount of carbon pollution we emit globally each day is staggering. And yet, in his recent TED talk about climate change, Al Gore was overwhelmingly optimistic about our future. Why? As the pace of innovation […]

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What Does the New Era of Climate Leadership Look Like?

Why did the Paris climate talks succeed while the 2009 Copenhagen talks did not? The tone and style of leadership had a lot to do with it – optimism instead of fatalism, a sense of opportunity rather than a fear of sacrifice, and a desire to protect all of humanity instead of narrow self-interests.   […]

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Day 4: ecoAmerica in Paris – Climate Progress, One Story At A Time

John Hill (pictured, left) is using communications skills honed over 23 years of work in Washington, D.C., every day this week in Paris at COP21.   As Assistant General Secretary for Advocacy and Organizing at the United Methodist Church’s (UMC) Board of Church and Society, Hill works with an international UMC delegation that aims to […]

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MRCTI Proclamation

Why 14 Mississippi River Mayors Signed a Proclamation Pledging to Reduce Climate Risks

When they signed the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative’s Path to Positive Proclamation in Dubuque, IA, on September 18, 14 U.S. mayors made a historic commitment to take action to reduce climate risks and protect the future of their communities.   Interestingly, these leaders were not the “usual suspect” mayors from big, coastal cities […]

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Finding Climate Leaders In Unexpected Places

In the span of 15 years, Texas went from having almost no wind power to generating 11 percent of all its power from wind. In fact, if Texas were a country, it would be the 6th largest provider of wind power in the world. The support for this expansion came from two leaders you might […]

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2015 MomentUs Summit

My Climate Journey: From the Florida Beaches to the MomentUs Summit

My appreciation for nature began early. I am fortunate to have parents who value and enjoy the outdoors. My mother attended church summer camps in the hills of West Virginia while growing up. My father, who was raised in the Philippines, has a deep love for the ocean. When we lived in Florida, both of […]

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