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Why Climate Equity Is More Important Than Ever

The results of the Presidential election took a lot of us by surprise. Political analysts will be parsing the outcome for weeks, but one thing is abundantly clear: a sizeable number of Americans have been feeling marginalized and abandoned. Climate advocates must be careful not to make the same mistake.   Whatever our president-elect may […]

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How Connecting with Core Values Builds Strong Climate Solutions

15 years ago, I learned that values are what connect people on climate. Find out why this has never been more evident than today.   Last week, my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. This marker prompted fond memories of when Jim and I met. At the time, I was living and working […]

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To Give Life to the Paris Climate Agreement, Connect on Personal Values

As 150 governments including 40 heads of state are expected to join together in a signing ceremony at the United Nations this Friday for the Paris climate accord, I was privileged to spend time this weekend with a number of the faith leaders who helped generate the momentum that brought this agreement to reality.   […]

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Why Climate Action Will Help Create a More Equitable World

Last year, faith leaders from Pope Francis to the Dalai Lama pointed out that climate change affects the poor and vulnerable most acutely – and it’s our moral obligation to come to the aid of those who are suffering through little fault of their own.   A new study by researchers at the University of […]

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New Report: Morality May Be the Key to Engaging Americans on Climate Change

As we’ve mentioned here before, 2015 was a pivotal year for the climate movement – in large part because faith leaders like Pope Francis helped reframe climate change as a moral issue. A new study by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication found that this message could resonate well with Americans who are currently […]

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Why Fighting Climate Change Is a Fight for Civil Rights

The climate movement has often been painted as a battle between liberals and conservatives – but really, it’s a battle for basic human rights. As Martin Luther King III points out in this CNN opinion piece, we all have an equal right to clean air and water and healthy surroundings. Climate change threatens those rights […]

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Ben & Jerry’s New Flavor Sends a Powerful Climate Change Message

With something as abstract as climate change, metaphors can be a powerful communication tool. One great example is the campaign for Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavor, “Save Our Swirled,” which helps raise awareness of the need to act against global warming. The video that accompanies the new flavor shows what a 2-degree rise […]

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Could Ethics Be the Key to Shifting the Climate Debate?

In discussions about climate change, emphasizing science, the environment, or politics can be polarizing. However, common ground can often be reached by appealing to people’s sense of right and wrong. In a new Reuters poll, 66 percent of respondents said world leaders are morally obligated to address climate change, and 72 percent said they felt […]

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Why Our Climate Change Vocabulary Needs a Makeover

Climate advocates often talk about climate change using scientific terms like “emissions schemes” and “temperature patterns.” But advocates’ strict adherence to scientific language may actually be undermining support for solutions, writes Australian general practitioner (GP) Tim Senior in a recent essay. Part of the problem is that this “big picture” language distances advocates from those […]

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