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How Marketing Strategies Can Help Eliminate Roadblocks to Climate Action

What would you be willing to do to help fight climate change? Would you buy an electric car? Search for eco-friendly lodgings for your next vacation? Pay a small fee to offset the carbon footprint of the company you’re buying goods from?   If you’re like most Americans, your decisions are less a reflection of […]

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Why One Climate-Friendly Action Doesn’t Always Lead to Another (and What to Do About It)

Rationalization is an all-too-common human behavior. Because we did one good thing (or plan to, at least), we often tell ourselves it’s okay to do something not so good. It all balances out – right? Usually not, unfortunately. As this Washington Post article points out, this type of compensatory thinking tends to backfire. And according […]

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Inspiring Millennials on Sustainability: It’s All in the Presentation

If you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, you’ve probably wrapped a lot of packages in the last few weeks. And you most likely spent some time choosing the right paper and ribbons to make the package look its best. If a gift is carefully wrapped, isn’t the recipient more excited to open it?   Packaging matters. […]

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