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Finding the Right Frames for Climate Change

Many climate advocates now understand the value of taking a solutions-based approach to communicating about climate change. But just talking about solutions may not be enough. Advocates also need to take into account a suite of subtleties surrounding framing and word choice when they craft their solutions-based message, says Meredith Herr in a recent Climate […]

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The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax

Historically, the concept of a carbon tax has been something a nonstarter, given conservatives’ deep-seated antipathy to the idea of raising taxes. But that could change, if conservatives come to see why a carbon tax may not be so antithetical to their values after all. In a recent op ed, thinktank director Ian Adam outlines a rationale for why conservatives […]

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Do We Need to Acknowledge That Climate Change is Human-Caused?

Climate advocates often take it as a no-brainer that people need to recognize that climate change is human-caused before they will be willing to do anything about it. But a recent article in Think Progress challenges that thinking. While the article doesn’t come down clearly on either side of the debate, it does raise questions […]

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Putting a Human Face on Climate Solutions

It’s not always easy to convince people that climate solutions are already happening and can really bring co-benefits to communities. But a new 22-minute documentary, produced by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, opens up new possibilities for how communicators can inspire hope and confidence in climate solutions. The documentary, which is narrated […]

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Talking About Climate at a High School Reunion

Last Friday I celebrated my 30th high school reunion with over 150 classmates in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada; this Monday, I was eager to kick off Climate Week at the Civil Society Event on Action in Climate Change and Health on the other side of the country in New York City. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have publicly […]

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Using an Environmental Success Story to Inspire Action on Climate

Climate communicators are often faced with the task of convincing the public that we can actually do something about climate change. For many Americans, the problem simply seems too large and too complex to meaningfully address. But as a recent article in The Washington Post indicates, the U.S. has been successful in addressing, and even solving, environmental problems […]

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A Short Guide to Translating Climate Change

One of the central problems in climate change communication is that communicators often use words that are scientifically accurate, but don’t resonate with mainstream audiences. This stems in part from the fact that climate change originated as a purely scientific issue. In order to build broad support for solutions, however, climate communicators need to use […]

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Putting the Victory in Climate Change

When’s the last time you heard the words “victory” and “climate change” in the same sentence? A new campaign spearheaded by Green America may be one of the first. The Clean Energy Victory Bonds campaign, supported by major sustainable business organizations like Ceres and the American Sustainable Business Council, aims to turn climate change from […]

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New Effort Will Promote Pro-Climate GOP Candidates

A new effort will help to lift up Republican candidates who are strong on climate change, according to a new article in Politico. The new campaign, which is worth more than seven figures, is part of a larger effort to identify partners in the GOP who will champion climate solutions. The group has already announced that it will support Rep. Chris […]

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A New Approach to Communicating Climate Change

Recent efforts to rally support for climate solutions often link climate change to issues that matters to people’s everyday lives, like health, faith, or jobs. The most effective efforts, however, go beyond just connecting climate to issues to matter to constituents. Rather, they put climate change into an entirely different set of words and frames that […]

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