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Black Ops 3

(Video) The Climate Change Message in the New “Black Ops 3” Video Game

How can we bring climate change awareness into the American mainstream? One way is by weaving climate messages into the cultural mainstream. The new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 video game is set in a future transformed by climate change, where resources are scarce and the economy is in ruins. As this Forbes article […]

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blog-co-benefits of solutions-10.8.15

New Study: Highlighting Co-Benefits Helps Motivate Climate Action

In our climate communications research, we’ve learned that emphasizing the co-benefits of climate solutions can make people more likely to support climate action. This is true whether or not a person believes climate change is happening. A new study recently published in Nature Climate Change echoes those findings. In a survey of 6,000 people from […]

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blog-Pope Francis Addresses Congress-9.25.15-square

On D.C. Visit, Pope Francis Calls for Unity on Climate Action

One of the biggest challenges facing the climate movement in America has been the lack of political will to take meaningful action. While the Obama administration, many state and local governments, and the majority of the population support aggressive measures to tackle climate change, many members of Congress have voiced opposition to climate solutions.   […]

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Smoke billowing from power plant

9 Major U.S. Corporations Commit to 100% Clean Energy

This week brought yet another sign that climate action has reached a tipping point – at Climate Week NYC yesterday, nine large corporations announced their plans to get 100 percent of their power from renewable sources. The companies, which included such household names as Walmart, Starbucks, and Johnson & Johnson, signed on with RE100, a […]

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climate message at Emmys

TV Stars Broadcast a Powerful Climate Message at the Emmys

To build a strong consensus for climate action, we need to bring climate issues into the mainstream. Sunday night’s Emmys broadcast helped accomplish just that by bringing a climate message into living rooms across America. As this Newsweek article reports, a number of celebrities at the ceremony wore green ribbons showing their support for climate […]

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blog-climate optimism-9.10.15

6 Reasons to Be Optimistic About Solving Climate Change

One of the best tools we have as climate communicators is optimism. To build support for solutions, it’s important to demonstrate that we have the resources to address this challenge, and that there is still time to protect the planet if we take action now. A recent article in New York Magazine helps explain why […]

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blog-denier doubter-9:1:15-square

Denier, Doubter, Believer, Advocate: Charting a New Path Forward on Climate Solutions in America

Americans agree that we disagree about climate change. It’s a minefield of political, technical, economic, and social conflict. We prefer not to talk about it. The implications are uncomfortable, and there’s a better chance for argument than helpful discussion. In fact, climate change is now the most divisive issue in America, more than abortion or […]

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blog-70 percent-8.31.15-square

Governors, Take Note: 7 out of 10 Voters Support Compliance With the Clean Power Plan

We’ve mentioned several times over the past weeks how the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will boost the economy and improve public health – and it appears voters are getting the message. A new survey by the League of Conservation Voters found that 70 percent of voters across the country want their states to implement the […]

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blog-Twitter and climate sentiment-8.28.15

What Twitter Can Teach Us About Climate Change Sentiment

The Twittersphere is a place for personal expression, where anyone can post, share, and respond to the things they care about. According to a new study that analyzed 1.5 million tweets, it’s also a great resource for spreading climate awareness. As this Pacific Standard article explains, Twitter conversations about climate tend to feature activists, rather […]

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blog-Latino climate opinions-8.27.15-square

New Poll: 84% of Latino Voters Want More Clean Energy

Candidates seeking to capture the Latino vote in the 2016 election would do well to address climate change. A new poll by Earthjustice and GreenLatinos shows that Latinos are strongly in favor of reducing air pollution, believe the U.S. should mandate more wind and solar power, and support state measures that would help prevent climate […]

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