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Reddit Bids Farewell to Climate Deniers

Last month, the popular social news site Reddit joined the LA Times in banning climate deniers on one of its most popular science forums, /r/science. The forum, which boasts more than 4 million subscribers, is a platform for scientists and non-scientists alike to discuss the latest in peer-reviewed scientific research. But recently, volunteer moderators decided […]

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How to Talk about Climate (Without Just Turning Up the Volume)

Have you ever witnessed tourists attempting to get their point across to locals by just raising their voices? Rather than changing their communication approach entirely, they simply “turn up the volume” on the approach they’re already using. We may be falling prey to this exact trap on climate change, writes Jonathan Rowson in a recent […]

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How To Hold a Conversation with Climate Change Deniers

UK climate activist George Marshall has made a video on how to talk to climate change deniers. This is just one tactic of many, but it’s an interesting method worth testing. When approaching the conversation, Marshall recommends finding commonalities to establish you as a peer and then think about how changing their views will be […]

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The Map of Climate Denial

America’s leading sociologist on climate change is likely Riley E Dunlap of Oklahoma State University. Dunlap has done fantastic work tracking the trends of climate denial across America and across the Atlantic. He’s just published a chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Climate Change & Society titled “Organized Climate-Change Denial,” and it’s arguably the best […]

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