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Is Your State Prepared for the Impacts of Climate Change?

Preventing the worst impacts of climate change is vital to our future – but some impacts may be unavoidable, and in many places, those impacts are already being felt. Rising seas in Miami, flooding in Texas, and severe drought in the western states are just a few recent examples. As these impacts become more common, […]

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Katharine Hayhoe

10 Inspiring Climate Leaders Worth Watching

At ecoAmerica, our goal is to build mainstream awareness of climate change and support for climate solutions. Our MomentUs initiative empowers leaders in the faith, health, higher education, community, and business sectors to engage their organizations and stakeholders on the need for climate action. So it’s always inspiring to hear stories about leaders who are […]

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A horrendous hurricane season closing, and Americans (rightfully) fearing they will worsen

The 2012 hurricane season encompassed a total of 19 named storms in the Atlantic, recorded to be the third-highest level of storm activity since 1851. In the ABC News segment featured in this article, victims of Sandy were interviewed, and their demands for a plan to prevent future disasters are fierce. Heidi Cullen explains why […]

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