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Denier, Doubter, Believer, Advocate: Charting a New Path Forward on Climate Solutions in America

Americans agree that we disagree about climate change. It’s a minefield of political, technical, economic, and social conflict. We prefer not to talk about it. The implications are uncomfortable, and there’s a better chance for argument than helpful discussion. In fact, climate change is now the most divisive issue in America, more than abortion or […]

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Why Clear, Simple Messages Are the Key to Better Climate Understanding

The overwhelming majority of scientists believe that climate change is happening and caused by humans. However, many Americans remain unaware of that fact. Why is that? It might be that the term “overwhelming majority” is too vague. In a recent study by researchers at George Mason University, specific numbers (in this case, 97.5 percent) worked […]

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Seeing Is Believing: American Belief in Climate Change Is Growing Due to Personal Observation

A new poll by the Associated Press-GfK shows that Americans’ belief of climate change is growing (to nearly 4 out of 5 Americans). The growth is increasing at the greatest pace amongst those who doubt climate science but believe in personal experiences. As 2012 has demonstrated, climate change impacts – rising temperatures and extreme weather […]

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