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7 Tips for Building a Successful Climate Movement

Earlier this year, an unlikely alliance of cowboys, ranchers, and environmentalists came together to rally against the Keystone XL pipeline. The rally, called “Reject and Protect,” drew thousands of people from across the country in Washington, D.C. to encourage President Obama not to approve the pipeline. In this recent blog post, Climate Access staff members […]

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The Missing Ingredient in Climate Communication

Most messages about climate change now mention the links between climate change and climate impacts. But what’s often missing from climate messages is mention of how we might be able to solve the issue. And that, writes Cara Pike, Director of Climate Access, is a problem. Delineating how climate change will impact every sector of […]

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How Peer-to-Peer Conversations Can Drive Climate Engagement

Congregations in Minnesota have started holding small, peer-to-peer conversations about climate change, according to a recent blog post from Climate Access. The conversations, which are part of a new initiative led by Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light (MIPL) with assistance from Climate Access, are designed to increase engagement around climate change among those who aren’t […]

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6 Tips for Communicating About the National Climate Assessment

Today marks the official release of the National Climate Assessment (NCA), a new federal report that details the impacts of climate change in a range of sectors across the United States. The report, compiled through the U.S. Global Change Research Program, will bring media attention to climate change. Climate communicators need to take care, however, […]

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New Climate Communication Course Now Open for Registration

Ever wanted to dive deeper into climate and sustainability communication but didn’t know where to turn? ecoAmerica’s friends at Climate Access and the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University are teaming up to put on a six-week online course on climate and sustainability communication. Prof. Ed Maibach, Director of the Center for […]

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Seven Tasks for Connecting in a Murky Climate

Last week ecoAmerica‘s Meighen Speiser joined Cara Pike from Climate Access on a panel at the BECC conference. Together they spoke of salient and effective paths forward for climate communication that inspires action. In this article, Cara lays out 7 clear tasks for those facing the murky waters of climate communication to help translate it […]

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Values+Problem+Solution = Climate Action

In today’s fast-paced, information-heavy, web 2.0 world, messages need to be concise and repeatable. And according to this Climate Access article, climate communication is no exception. Within the piece, Resource Media offers the formula for an effective climate message: build an emotional connection (value) + describe a clear threat to something we care about (problem) […]

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