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Climate News: Top Stories for the Week of Dec. 24-29

Solar and wind power costs are now competitive with coal and natural gas – making renewables an increasingly viable option for businesses and investors. Green Energy Can Increasingly Match – or Beat – Fossil Fuel Prices, Report Says (Christian Science Monitor)       When people are presented with facts that contradict their worldview, it […]

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Why Mayors Are Crucial to Climate Action

This was an important week for mayors and climate. Three seemingly unrelated climate stories reveal a stark picture of the increasingly urgent call to action facing U.S. mayors. As the leaders most responsible for preventing climate risk and dealing with the consequences of climate impacts, mayors are on the front lines of climate action.   […]

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Climate Messaging: Lessons From the Marriage Equality Movement

In the run-up to the June 2 federal court hearing on the Clean Power Plan, climate advocates are in full force campaigning for the rule to be upheld. State attorneys general, a coalition of cities, and various environmental groups have filed or will file briefs supporting the rule. In framing the language of their arguments, […]

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18 State Attorneys General Form Historic Coalition to Defend Clean Power Plan

Earlier this week, the Obama Administration fought back against opponents of the Clean Power Plan, filing a brief with the D.C. Circuit Court that called the plan “eminently reasonable.” The following day, attorneys general from 18 states and the District of Columbia announced their support of the plan, telling the court that “the rule properly incorporates […]

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Health Professionals Protect the Climate, Press for Clean, Healthy Renewable Energy

Progress to slow the pace of climate change is uneven, and the “big levers” – steps that will have widespread impact – are few. Thus, when the Supreme Court recently placed a stay on the Clean Power Plan, it threw concerned health professionals for a loop.   The Clean Power Plan (CPP) is a policy […]

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4 Reasons States and Utilities Should Keep Reducing Carbon Emissions

As we mentioned here a few weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled to temporarily freeze implementation of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. However, many states and utilities are still moving towards compliance with the plan. This GreenBiz article presents four compelling reasons why.   1. The Clean Power Plan is legally solid. The Supreme Court itself […]

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Poll: 64% of Americans Believe Reducing Carbon Emissions Should Be a Priority

The latest University of Texas Energy Poll found broad support among Americans for collaborative action against climate change. 43 percent said they feel “climate change is an urgent threat and all countries need to take action equally.” But perhaps surprisingly, an even greater number (48 percent) said they felt the U.S. should do more than […]

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Children Need a Strong Clean Power Plan

As a pediatrician, I take care of kids. I help keep them healthy by diagnosing illness, protecting them from injury and counseling their parents on the challenges of parenting. But while I can vaccinate against meningitis or treat asthma, there are some risks to my patients I cannot control.   Changes in our climate are […]

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Why the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Clean Power Plan Won’t Stop the Clean Energy Revolution

Last week, the Supreme Court stunned supporters of climate action by temporarily freezing the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. The ruling could be setback for the EPA and for America’s contribution to the Paris climate agreement. But as this Washington Post article argues, it doesn’t mean an end to the transition to clean energy. The Clean […]

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When It Comes to Climate Concern, African-Americans Are Way Ahead

Our research has consistently found that people of color are more aware of climate change and more supportive of solutions than the rest of the public. A recent survey by Green for All and the Natural Resources Defense Council echoed those findings – their poll found that 63 percent of African American voters are strongly in […]

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