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blog-core values-6.16.16

How Connecting with Core Values Builds Strong Climate Solutions

15 years ago, I learned that values are what connect people on climate. Find out why this has never been more evident than today.   Last week, my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. This marker prompted fond memories of when Jim and I met. At the time, I was living and working […]

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Creating the New Energy Future: Climate Leadership Across the Country

In the ten years since An Inconvenient Truth came out, the impacts of climate change have grown increasingly severe. The amount of carbon pollution we emit globally each day is staggering. And yet, in his recent TED talk about climate change, Al Gore was overwhelmingly optimistic about our future. Why? As the pace of innovation […]

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Wanted: Your Innovative Solutions for Climate-Friendly Agriculture (Video)

Fighting climate change requires a variety of solutions, from large-scale national programs to small, local projects. One area that has a serious need for solutions is agriculture. As the population grows, demand for food may increase by 70 percent or more, so finding climate-friendly ways to grow, transport, and store that food is of major […]

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