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Making Climate Action Contagious From Neighborhoods to Cities

Early this month, I had the great opportunity to tour several environmentally friendly homes located throughout my community. The outing was part of a city garden tour featuring native and drought resistant landscaping, grey-water recycling systems, solar panels and a range of innovative, eco-friendly measures implemented by environmentally conscious homeowners. These homes each presented unique, […]

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Cities and Businesses: Unlikely Allies in Advancing Climate Solutions

Usually, we hear about how one isolated sector is responding to climate change, like how higher education institutions are seizing opportunities for hands-on learning, or how the healthcare sector is starting to make the case for climate action. But far less common are stories about how sectors are working together to respond to climate change. […]

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Get Active: Transit Looks Good On You

It is unlikely anyone will look at you and say, “You look great – have you been riding the bus?” But they could because, as a study in the UK has shown, people who use active and transit modes of transportation are thinner than those who drive. In the study authors’ words: “Our findings show a […]

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What Do Bike Sharing Systems Tell Us About Urban Sustainability?

As American cities reinvent themselves as dense, sustainable centers of commerce, opportunity, and social networks — attracting young, educated residents by the thousands — they are increasingly promoting sustainability in their building stock, land use patterns, and in their transportation networks.   A relatively new sustainability feature, “bike sharing” systems are now available in more […]

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Hot Town: Summer in the City

Among the many anticipated and increasingly observed adverse impacts of a warning climate is a rise of the urban “heat island” effect. Local leaders have begun addressing this problem with simple measures that protect their citizens from dangerous heat while also saving energy.   Climate Central recently posted a report detailing observed increases in urban […]

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How Do You Green a City?

One could debate the cause and effect relationship between the increasing sustainability of American cities and their recent population growth, but whether people are moving to cites because they are more sustainable or city sustainability is rising because of the benefits of increased population, the fact is that U.S. cities continue to lead in the […]

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Local Impacts, Local Response: How Counties Can Prepare Our Communities for Climate Change

As has become abundantly clear over the past several years, climate change is an undeniable global phenomenon that is manifesting itself on the local level through rising heat and sea levels, and increased severe weather and weather-related damage. The local impacts of climate-related severe weather include damage to infrastructure and property, injuries to people, economic […]

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