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Making the Evangelical Case for Climate Action

A recent article in the Boston Globe features Dr. Dorothy Boorse, a biology professor at a Christian evangelical school, Gordon College, in Wenham, Massachusetts. Dr. Boorse helps to break the stereotype that the evangelical community is anti-science and skeptical of climate change. In fact, she helped to produce “Loving the Least of These” with the National Association of […]

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A Pastor’s Perspective on Climate Change

For many people, climate is abstract. But for Rev. Dr. Salguero, it’s personal. In a recent op-ed for The Huffington Post, Rev. Dr. Salguero (a member of the Blessed Tomorrow Leadership Circle and president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition) explains how has seen climate’s impacts firsthand in the faces of the poor and vulnerable […]

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Sin and climate change denial – a theological exploration

In this Washington Post piece, Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, the former president of Chicago Theological Seminary, discusses climate change in theological terms: specifically, whether humans bear moral responsibility for extreme weather.   She explores the many aspects of sin in context of human responsibility, focusing on carbon pollution and climate change denial. Thistlethwaite also covers […]

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Obama’s pastor on finding God in the White House

As a part of its Faith Sector leadership, MomentUs is honored to have the Rev. Joshua DuBois, the architect of the White House Office of Faith Based Partnerships and President Obama’s personal spiritual advisor. This month, HarperOne is publishing a compendium of The President’s Devotional, daily devotionals that Rev. DuBois put together for the President, […]

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Evangelical Scientists’ Letter to Congress Invokes Scripture

Two hundred scientists who also happen to be evangelical Christians sent a letter to Congress last week urging the passage of “meaningful legislation” to reduce carbon dioxide emissions this year. ecoAmerica is one of many organizations helping build support for climate solutions through engaging faith leaders.    The letter to Congress, signed by professors from […]

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