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18 State Attorneys General Form Historic Coalition to Defend Clean Power Plan

Earlier this week, the Obama Administration fought back against opponents of the Clean Power Plan, filing a brief with the D.C. Circuit Court that called the plan “eminently reasonable.” The following day, attorneys general from 18 states and the District of Columbia announced their support of the plan, telling the court that “the rule properly incorporates […]

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How Cutting Carbon Pollution Will Help Protect America’s Most Vulnerable Populations

In Obama’s Earth Day speech from Everglades National Park, he described how unique and precious that region is – and how vulnerable it is to climate threats. But as Dr. Cheryl L. Holder explains in this article, the Everglades aren’t the only precious resource at risk. Thousands of low-income residents are feeling the health impacts […]

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New Demographic Data Shines Light on American Climate Views

A fascinating set of maps newly released from Yale and Utah State University offer a unique perspective on American views on climate change – all the way down to the county level. Some of the findings are encouraging. For example, Americans in 99 percent of U.S. counties believe climate change is happening. Other news is […]

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Social Costs of Fossil Fuels

Tallying the Social Costs of Fossil Fuels

Gas and oil may seem to have gotten cheaper, but their true price is a lot higher than the number on the pump. Once you factor in their impacts on the environment and human health, fossil fuels get a lot more expensive – an additional $3.80 per gallon of gas, according to a recent study […]

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2.1 Million comments are delivered to EPA Assistant Administrator for Air Gina McCarthy. Photo: Josh Lopez

With Public Sentiment, Nothing Can Fail. Record-Breaking Public Support of EPA

Beating any prior record for public comments on a federal regulation, 2.1 million Americans submitted comments to support the EPA’s new carbon pollution standards. After the official collection of comments closed, the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the EPA regulations. This shows that the American public, despite heavy opposition from deep-pocketed and politically-allied polluters such […]

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