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blog-climate optimism-9.10.15

6 Reasons to Be Optimistic About Solving Climate Change

One of the best tools we have as climate communicators is optimism. To build support for solutions, it’s important to demonstrate that we have the resources to address this challenge, and that there is still time to protect the planet if we take action now. A recent article in New York Magazine helps explain why […]

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Hillary Clinton

What Hillary Clinton’s Clean Energy Goals Could Mean for the Climate

According to the latest polls, voters want climate action and will expect their next president to address the issue head-on. Hillary Clinton clearly understands this, based on the aggressive clean energy goals she just announced. She wants the U.S. to get 33 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2027, and wants to see […]

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sub-national climate action

What California Can Teach Us About the Importance of Local Climate Action

Solving climate change will take a global effort, which is why the anticipated agreement from the Paris talks in December and the individual commitments from nations around the world are so vital. But as this GreenBiz article points out, there’s a lot to be said for state and local-level climate action as well. A newly […]

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9 Inspiring Signs of Progress on the Climate Change Front

More and more people seem to be recognizing the seriousness of climate change and the need for action. That’s good news – but to keep people inspired and motivated, it’s important to emphasize not only what can be done, but what’s already being done to address climate change. This Huffington Post article by Seth Shulman, […]

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