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blog-Talking About Climate Change at Thanksgiving-11.12.15

How to Talk About Climate Change at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is spending time with my family, especially extended family members whom I don’t get to see often enough. Our time together includes the usual Thanksgiving traditions – eating specially prepared food (I’m bringing my signature apple pie this year), watching football, and taking a walk between the main […]

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Path to Positive Summit

Announcing the 2015 MomentUs Leadership Summit, May 20-21

ecoAmerica is pleased to announce our 5th annual leadership summit. Path to Positive, the 2015 MomentUs Leadership Summit, is being held on May 20th and 21st, 2015 in Washington, DC.   The Path to Positive begins with the simple premise that the greatest obstacle to our nation leading on climate change isn’t a lack of […]

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Cities and Businesses: Unlikely Allies in Advancing Climate Solutions

Usually, we hear about how one isolated sector is responding to climate change, like how higher education institutions are seizing opportunities for hands-on learning, or how the healthcare sector is starting to make the case for climate action. But far less common are stories about how sectors are working together to respond to climate change. […]

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New Report: Business Leaders Can Have Their Climate Cake and Eat it Too

What if the myth that investing in climate solutions damages economic growth was dispelled? According to a recent article in BusinessGreen, a major new UN report, The New Climate Economy, does just that: The report illustrates how governments and businesses can have grow the economy while stopping climate change. The report, Better Growth, Better Climate: […]

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General Mills, Citing Threats to its Bottom Line, Makes Major Climate Commitment

This spring, the food giant General Mills was unequivocally labelled a climate “laggard” by activists at Oxfam International. Now, just two months later, General Mills has taken it upon itself to shape up, big time. The food giant, which owns classic household brands like Cheerios and Pillsbury, announced a comprehensive suite of new climate policies this […]

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Poll: Majority of Small Business Owners Worried About Climate, Ready for Action

Small business owners are worried about climate change, and support action on the issue, according to a new poll by the American Sustainable Business Council. The poll, which was recently featured by ThinkProgress, found that close to 90 percent of small business owners say that climate change could harm in their business in the future. […]

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GM Exec: Climate Can Be a ‘Positive Disrupter’

Talk of the business opportunities that lie in climate change often center on the growth of new forms of energy like wind and solar. But climate change can also create opportunities in industries as established as the U.S. automobile industry. Climate can even be, as General Motors’ Vice President of Sustainability and Global Regulatory Affairs […]

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3 Things to Know About the Private Sector’s Response to Climate Change

Last week, hundreds of sustainability professionals from across the business and financial landscape gathered in Boston for the 2014 Ceres Conference. The event, which marked the 25th anniversary of one of the most influential business sustainability groups, featured dozens of speakers and over 600 attendees from business, government and the NGO sectors. Key highlights included […]

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Why Risk Analysis Could Be the Secret Weapon for Climate Solutions

Corporate conversations about climate change are increasingly shifting from a focus on uncertainty to a focus on risk. Yet many of the risks of climate change — especially the economic risks — are not well understood. That’s a gap that a new report produced by climate think tank Next Generation hopes to fill. The report, […]

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Why CVS’ ‘No Smokes’ Decision is a Big Deal for CSR

Drugstore giant CVS Caremark turned heads earlier this month when it announced that it would stop selling tobacco products, despite the fact that the decision is expected to cost the company $2 billion in annual sales. It’s a landmark decision for healthcare and retail. But what does it mean for corporate social responsibility? A lot, […]

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