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Unlikely Bedfellows: Business Diversity Inspires Sustainability, Innovation, and Action

When is breaking out of a paradigm a good thing?   Always. It allows business leaders to widen and deepen their access to resources. Small- and medium-sized enterprises especially can innovate more nimbly when they open up to diverse ideas and points of view.   When SME leaders embrace diversity beyond workforce demographics to include […]

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BP severs ties with ALEC

Why Climate Action Is Becoming A Major Business Priority

Last week, yet another big corporation severed ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the conservative lobbying group known for drafting legislation that denies human-caused climate change. Other major companies, including Google and Yahoo, have pulled their ALEC memberships in recent months, but the latest to drop out was no less than the oil giant […]

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Is “Eliminating Waste” the New “Energy Efficiency”?

What are people more concerned about – conserving energy, or wasting energy? For many businesses, the idea of eliminating waste is becoming more compelling than the notion of conservation.   According to the article below, companies still care about saving money through greater energy efficiency, but cost is no longer the only motivator. They want […]

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Carter Roberts

Strengthening the Link Between Business and Conservation

More and more companies are striving to make sustainability part of their business. But meeting their commitments can be a challenge – especially if their supply chains involve commodities like timber, beef, or palm oil that can have serious environmental impacts. In this GreenBiz article, Carter Roberts, CEO of World Wildlife Fund, explains how his […]

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