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Green Brands

The Best Way to Reach Eco-conscious Consumers

As the number of people who care about climate change grows, so does the market for sustainable products. Where once this was a niche category for high-income urbanites, now there are goods and services available at all price points, and major brands are coming into the market. With more and more “green” items on the […]

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Emotion vs. Action: Engagement Lessons from Unilever

In this recent Sustainable Brands post, James Payne uses Unilever’s Project Sunlight campaign as a case study to tease out four lessons that brands can use to better engage customers around sustainability. The campaign, launched late last month, uses the idea of bringing a child into the world as a platform to simultaneously draw attention to […]

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The Ultimate Brand Changes Its Signature Look for the Environment

Coca-Cola knows its look is as important as its taste, which is why their decision to change the can’s classic red color to white in support WWF’s protection of polar bears is so monumental. No the doubt color change will not go unnoticed by its billions of customers, drawing huge attention to the cause. The […]

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Sustainability + Branding Survey Report

The Sustainability + Branding Survey found that businesses believe sustainability can lead to profit if properly executed.  83% think sustainability is “gaining momentum” and will play a bigger role in the U.S. economy. A majority agree brands must be authentic, transparent, and honest (absolutely avoid greenwashing) to be successful. (more…)

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