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Promoting Climate Solutions Without Mentioning “You Know What”

How do you tackle an important issue that you can’t even talk about?   For local officials in conservative communities, addressing the ever-more-visible impacts of climate change requires a delicate balance. Ignoring their regions’ vulnerabilities is not an option – but in many cases, neither is uttering the words “climate change.” So polarizing and politicized […]

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American Climate Metrics Survey 2016: Children, Morality, and Responsibility Top American Climate Concerns

  According to the American Climate Metrics Survey 2016, 87% of Americans feel a moral responsibility to create a safe and healthy climate for themselves and their children. They also support charging polluters a fee on the pollution they create, and see the personal benefits of climate solutions.   The concern that Americans have about […]

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5 Reasons to Be Hopeful About Climate Progress Right Now

As the southeastern United States continues to suffer the impacts of Hurricane Matthew, and Americans coast to coast reel from a particularly divisive Presidential campaign, we could all use some good news. Fortunately, if we look beyond the sensational headlines, we’ll find many positive stories out there about the progress we’re making on climate.   […]

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New Report: Clean Energy Can Save the U.S. Billions of Dollars and Save Thousands of Lives

The argument that climate solutions offer economic benefits just got even stronger. Researchers at Duke University and the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies examined what would happen if the U.S. implemented the commitments it made at the Paris climate conference last year. They found that the climate actions necessary to reach the Paris goal […]

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4 Reasons States and Utilities Should Keep Reducing Carbon Emissions

As we mentioned here a few weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled to temporarily freeze implementation of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. However, many states and utilities are still moving towards compliance with the plan. This GreenBiz article presents four compelling reasons why.   1. The Clean Power Plan is legally solid. The Supreme Court itself […]

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BP severs ties with ALEC

Why Climate Action Is Becoming A Major Business Priority

Last week, yet another big corporation severed ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the conservative lobbying group known for drafting legislation that denies human-caused climate change. Other major companies, including Google and Yahoo, have pulled their ALEC memberships in recent months, but the latest to drop out was no less than the oil giant […]

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Google solar investment

How Companies Are Helping Everyone to Profit From Solar

One of the most effective ways to get people on board with climate solutions is to emphasize the co-benefits – the ways solutions can improve life for multiple sectors of society. Google and SolarCity have just announced a partnership where all involved – the consumers, the companies themselves, and the planet – stand to gain. […]

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Partisan Divide

How to Create a Non-Partisan Climate Message

When trying to inspire people to fight climate change, it seems like the obvious message would be, “Help protect our planet.” But in fact, that message can backfire – many people balk at being labeled as “environmentalist” or “green.” But that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t support clean energy or care about pollution.   So […]

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solar panels

Give the People What They Want: Clean Energy

Americans are definitely getting the message about the benefits of wind and solar energy. According to a new survey by renowned Harvard political scientist Stephen Ansolabehere, the vast majority of Americans prefer renewable energy sources to fossil fuels.   As quoted in this PV Magazine article, Ansolabehere found that “Americans want to move away from […]

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Rural Cooperative’s Solar Success Story Leads the Way for Other Small Utilities

Around the country, large utility companies are getting into the solar market. But one of the biggest success stories comes from one of America’s smallest utilities – Farmers Electric Cooperative in Greenfield, Iowa.   By keeping purchase and installation options low-cost and in-house, and offering a feed-in tariff (one of the first in the country) […]

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