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Acknowledging Climate Anxiety

Talk of the overlap between psychology and climate change most often focuses on values and behavior change. Yet there’s another type of overlap that’s rarely discussed: our affective response to climate change – our feelings associated with the issue.   In this Sightline Daily article, Renee Lertzman asserts that our underlying feelings about climate change […]

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The Latest Impact of Climate Change? Mental Health.

Rarely do people talk about the health impacts that are expected to result from climate change – things like increased asthma and higher rates of vector-borne diseases. Even more rare is discussion about the mental health impacts of climate change. What’s likely to happen to our psyches as the planet warms and extreme weather multiplies? […]

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Gulf Oil Spill

Mental Health Repercussions of Environmental Disasters

This article on the psychology of those affected by the BP oil spill points out that the rig explosion was not only damaging to the Gulf, but has also significantly affected the mental health of the people in the Gulf Coast. Over 50% of the people that signed up for the mental health program have […]

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