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Yale Study - Public Perceptions of Health Consequences of Global Warming

What Americans Need to Know About Climate Change and Health

As this month’s CDC Grand Rounds made clear, health leaders are increasingly concerned about the health impacts of climate change. However, most Americans don’t yet share those concerns.   A recent study by Yale and George Mason University found that only one in three Americans think climate change is currently harming people, and only one […]

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PRRI Climate Survey

New PRRI Climate Survey Report Offers Insights into Public Attitudes

On Friday, November 21st, the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), in partnership with the American Academy of Religion, released the results of its comprehensive 3,000-person survey that provides a treasure trove of information for those looking to inspire and engage others on climate change.   “Believers, Sympathizers, and Skeptics: Why Americans are Conflicted about Climate […]

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Picking the Right Words to Talk About Climate Change

Should we talk about “climate change” or “global warming”? Increases in emissions, or changes in global mean temperatures? Or do these choices even matter? In a recent blog post, communications strategist Jeremy Porter argues that what matters most for public engagement is not whether we talk about “climate change” or “global warming,” but whether or not we […]

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1-SolarPanels copy

Telling the Good News Story on Climate

Much of what we hear about climate change focuses on the negatives. Yet emphasizing only the negative effects of climate change won’t get us too far in solving the problem. Indeed, research indicates that focusing on the good news–the progress that communities around the world are already making in preventing the worst impacts of climate change–is often […]

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New ecoAmerica Webinar Now Available – Engaging Mainstream Americans on Climate Solutions

ecoAmerica is pleased to announce that a recording of a webinar about our latest research report, American Climate Values 2014: Psychographic & Demographic Insights, is now available online. The webinar details how Americans think, feel and react to climate and environmental issues. It also provides recommendations for how to use these findings to strengthen the […]

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New Research: Motivating Mainstream Support for Climate Solutions

ecoAmerica is pleased the announce of the release of our latest research report, American Climate Values 2014: Psychographic & Demographic Insights. ACV, conducted in collaboration with Strategic Business Insights, builds longitudinally on ecoAmerica’s previous research (ACEVS in 2011, ACVS in 2008, and AEVS in 2006), to paint a comprehensive picture of how Americans think, feel, […]

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