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Religious Conservatives and Climate Change: The Real Story

Conventional wisdom says that conservatives tend to be less accepting of climate change – and in many cases, the statistics bear this out. But there is often more to the picture than meets the eye. For example, a recent chart about religious affiliation and climate acceptance has been getting a lot of buzz. It shows […]

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Flood Wall Street demonstration draws hundreds to lower Broadway

Why We Need More Diversity to Keep the Climate Movement Going

In a previous post, we discussed why it’s important for businesses and governments to engage mainstream Americans in climate solutions. A recent article in the Guardian takes that idea even further. For the climate movement to succeed, it needs to truly represent modern America in all its diversity. As the article’s author, Arizona Congressman Raúl […]

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blog-Floridians vulnerable-2.29.15-square

How Cutting Carbon Pollution Will Help Protect America’s Most Vulnerable Populations

In Obama’s Earth Day speech from Everglades National Park, he described how unique and precious that region is – and how vulnerable it is to climate threats. But as Dr. Cheryl L. Holder explains in this article, the Everglades aren’t the only precious resource at risk. Thousands of low-income residents are feeling the health impacts […]

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Nicole Hernandez Hammer

Why a Latina Climate Scientist Was Invited to the State of the Union Address

Climate change was a major theme of President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Just how serious is the administration about climate issues? One of the First Lady’s special guests was climate scientist Nicole Hernandez Hammer, a Guatemalan immigrant and current resident of Florida who specializes in sea level rise.   As […]

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