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Register Now: APA/ecoAmerica Webinar on the Psychological Impacts of Climate Change

The American Psychological Association (APA) and ecoAmerica invite you to join us for a free webinar on the psychological impacts of climate change.   At this point, most leaders and policymakers have a solid understanding of the physical impacts of climate change, like increases in the frequency and severity of floods, storms, and droughts. But […]

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Adaptation: Big Oil’s New Favorite Word

Recently at the Council of Foreign Relations, ecoAmerica Board Director David Fenton asked the Exxon/Mobil’s CEO to give his perspective on what America can do to stop climate change. In this article, David explains why Rex Tillerson’s answer of “we will adapt to this” is unacceptable and cannot be what Americans hear as a “solution.”  […]

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Making Climate Change Real: Stop Adapting, Start Preparing

by Bob Perkowitz  Despite political polarization, there are some aspects of the climate issue where broad public consensus obtains. For instance, according to ecoAmerica’s “American Climate and Environmental Values Survey,”1 80 percent of Americans now agree with the statement, “I’ve noticed changes in the seasonal weather patterns where I live.” 77 percent agree that weather […]

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Communicating Adaptation: Scientists and Planners Seeking New Approaches

Planners and scientists are trying to prepare citizens living in U.S. coastal communities for the inevitable sea level rise caused by climate change. In doing so, they are experiencing that some people are resistant to believing that their homes and lives are at great risk. Instead, citizens fight the the science and those who are […]

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