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Majority of Global Citizens Want Urgent Action on Climate Change

We’ve seen many studies that have helped illuminate American opinions and beliefs about climate change – but a new global survey offers an insightful look at attitudes around the world. This survey, the most comprehensive of its kind ever conducted, involved 10,000 citizens from 79 countries. 78 percent of respondents said they were “very concerned” […]

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Bob Perkowitz, President of ecoAmerica

The Top 5 Traits That Make A Great Leader

At ecoAmerica, one of our main priorities is empowering leaders to build support for climate action. There’s a reason leaders are such an important part of our strategy. Whether they’re the head of a corporation, a church, or a community group, strong leaders share certain traits.   1. They are able to effectively communicate what […]

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Turning Concern Into Action on Climate Change

The majority of Americans believe climate change is happening and that we can do something about it. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean climate action is a priority for them. How can we inspire them to change their behavior?   This Washington Post article offers a clue. According to a study of consumers in Buenos Aires, […]

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