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Why the Climate Change Issue Could Sway the 2016 Presidential Election

As Americans become more aware of the impacts of climate change on their health and communities, acceptance of climate change has grown, and so has concern. Yet, even though a growing number of us have been saying we need to do something about it, the issue hasn’t been a top priority when it comes to […]

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Why the Rockefeller Family Fund Is Divesting From Fossil Fuels

For many years, the name Rockefeller was practically synonymous with oil – John D Rockefeller was a founder of Standard Oil (a predecessor of ExxonMobil), and fossil fuels helped create much of the family’s legendary wealth. So it’s significant that the Rockefeller Family Fund (RFF) has announced that it is withdrawing all its fossil fuel […]

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New Organization Aims to Give All Americans an Opportunity to Go Solar

For clean energy to truly go mainstream, it needs to be available not just to corporations and a select group of homeowners, but to everyone. The vast majority of Americans support expanding the use of clean energy, and many would appreciate the opportunity to directly enjoy the cost savings and other benefits of solar and […]

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What Lower Gas Prices Reveal About Climate Action Attitudes

Gas prices in the U.S. have been on the decline for months now – the average price of gasoline is hovering around $2.14 per gallon, and in many parts of the country gas is well below $2 per gallon. What does this mean for climate action? As laid out in this article, lower gas prices […]

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Putting People First: 3 Ways to Approach Climate Communications

When it comes to climate action, partnerships and collaboration – whether they are across party lines, between nations, or within your own community – are more necessary than ever. The Paris climate agreement, the growing urgency of our climate challenge, and an increased awareness that action is necessary to keep our planet healthy, all push us to […]

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Corporations and Cities Lead on Climate Action

In the wake of the Paris climate talks, 400 companies, 120 investors, and 50 cities from around the world have committed to the Paris Pledge for Action, promising to move quickly to implement the climate agreement and accelerate the changes needed to meet our climate challenge. Kellogg’s and Unilever are among the corporations who have […]

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Moving Forward: What The Paris Climate Agreement Means For Our Future

The Paris climate talks (COP 21) are being hailed as a historic turning point for our world; after two weeks of negotiations, 195 countries have agreed on the necessity of addressing our climate challenge. As detailed in this New York Times piece, these countries have pledged to curb carbon emissions, invest in clean energy and […]

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Why 2015 Was A Breakthrough Year For The Environment

2015 was a record-breaking year in many regards: it was the hottest year ever recorded, and CO2 levels have also reached unprecedented highs. Despite these troubling developments, 2015 was also a year of significant environmental progress, as detailed in this Huffington Post article. China, the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, committed to cutting greenhouse gas […]

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How Climate Communications Can Save The World

Last week, atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels reached a troubling milestone: CO2 levels have climbed above 400 parts per million (ppm), a level the world hasn’t seen in half a million years. What does this mean, and how can we move forward? Climate Central asked leading climate scientists to share their insights and recommendations.   […]

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Faith-Based Shareholders Call on Exxon to Address Climate Change on Moral Grounds

From Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama to the Episcopal Church, religious leaders have been speaking out on the moral obligation to fight climate change. Now, a group of faith-based investors are filing a resolution asking Exxon to take urgent action on climate change as a matter of conscience. This resolution is the first of […]

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