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REI on-site solar power

From On-Site Solar to Customer Engagement: The Top Trends in Clean Energy

As wind and solar power continues to get more affordable, and the environmental benefits become increasingly apparent, more organizations are voluntarily investing in clean energy projects. In December, the EPA highlighted some of these efforts in their Green Power Leadership Awards.   As this GreenBiz article explains, two of the biggest new trends are on-site […]

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clothing rack

Should We Rethink What It Means to Be a “Green” Consumer?

The holidays are about many things – festive celebrations, goodwill towards others, spending time with family and friends…and shopping.   To help encourage consumers to buy their products and services, more retailers are highlighting their sustainability credentials. But today’s consumers need more than that – they also need a clear demonstration of how a company […]

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inspiring millennial consumers

Inspiring Millennials on Sustainability: It’s All in the Presentation

If you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, you’ve probably wrapped a lot of packages in the last few weeks. And you most likely spent some time choosing the right paper and ribbons to make the package look its best. If a gift is carefully wrapped, isn’t the recipient more excited to open it?   Packaging matters. […]

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coal-fired power plant

Why Major Corporations Support the EPA Clean Power Plan

More and more companies are seeing the economic value of fighting climate change, and they want to make sure America takes action. That’s why 223 major corporations, including Kellogg’s and Starbucks, recently signed a letter in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule reducing carbon pollution from power plants.   As this USA TODAY […]

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How to Communicate Your Carbon Offset Strategy

As businesses move towards greater sustainability, carbon offsets can help bridge the gap between current efficiencies and those they’re working to reach. But, as Triple Pundit explains, talking about carbon offsets can be challenging. The article offers several tips for communicating offset decisions, including choosing offsets that match your company’s values and balancing your message […]

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Climate Change, Aspirational Marketing, and Helping People Live Their Dreams

Climate communicators often fall into the trap of trying to convert their target audience into environmental advocates. But as an article from Fast Company explains, advocates will never be more than 20% of the population. Instead of focusing their energy on changing people, then, climate communicators may want to take a page from marketers’ books and focus on helping people achieve their goals […]

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Why CVS’ ‘No Smokes’ Decision is a Big Deal for CSR

Drugstore giant CVS Caremark turned heads earlier this month when it announced that it would stop selling tobacco products, despite the fact that the decision is expected to cost the company $2 billion in annual sales. It’s a landmark decision for healthcare and retail. But what does it mean for corporate social responsibility? A lot, […]

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What’s Missing From Sustainability Communication

Too often, businesses rely only on numbers when communicating about their sustainability commitments. This has started to change, as companies like Chipotle have come to recognize the power of storytelling for sustainability. But stories alone may not be enough, either, write Matt Polsky and Claire Sommer in a recent article published by Sustainable Brands.   […]

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Fifty Shades of Green: Segmenting the Green Consumer

Marketers often lump green consumers into a single catch-all category: consumers either care about environmental and social impact, or they don’t. But new research featured in CSR Wire reveals a new segmentation scheme that can help companies better distinguish between different types of consumers within the green bloc. The 2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study […]

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The Customer Has to Come First in Sustainability Communication, Too

Usually, marketing and communication professionals treat stories about brands’ sustainability commitments like any other marketing material: they push them forward with a pre-determined message in mind. But what marketers are coming to realize, writes Andrea Learned in a recent CSR blog post, is that the messages consumers draw from these stories don’t always match what […]

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