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Hurricane Sandy

3 Tips for Using Images to Increase Climate Engagement

As communicators, it’s impossible to overstate the value of imagery. A visual image can create a strong emotional connection much more quickly and memorably than words can. By helping people understand an issue and boosting their empathy, images can help them make the leap from indifference to action.   But not all images resonate equally. […]

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Wanted: Your Innovative Solutions for Climate-Friendly Agriculture (Video)

Fighting climate change requires a variety of solutions, from large-scale national programs to small, local projects. One area that has a serious need for solutions is agriculture. As the population grows, demand for food may increase by 70 percent or more, so finding climate-friendly ways to grow, transport, and store that food is of major […]

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clothing rack

Should We Rethink What It Means to Be a “Green” Consumer?

The holidays are about many things – festive celebrations, goodwill towards others, spending time with family and friends…and shopping.   To help encourage consumers to buy their products and services, more retailers are highlighting their sustainability credentials. But today’s consumers need more than that – they also need a clear demonstration of how a company […]

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WSPA campaign

The Oil Lobby, Astroturfing, and the Power of Messaging

Support for clean energy is growing across the country – 71 percent of Americans now feel alternative sources like wind and solar are our best defense against climate change. The messages being sent by climate leaders and communicators are clearly working – and they have the oil industry running scared.   As Businessweek recently reported, […]

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Putting a Human Face on Climate Solutions

It’s not always easy to convince people that climate solutions are already happening and can really bring co-benefits to communities. But a new 22-minute documentary, produced by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, opens up new possibilities for how communicators can inspire hope and confidence in climate solutions. The documentary, which is narrated […]

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Putting the Victory in Climate Change

When’s the last time you heard the words “victory” and “climate change” in the same sentence? A new campaign spearheaded by Green America may be one of the first. The Clean Energy Victory Bonds campaign, supported by major sustainable business organizations like Ceres and the American Sustainable Business Council, aims to turn climate change from […]

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Using Storytelling to Motivate New Audiences

One of the biggest challenges cause communicators face is engaging individuals who aren’t already deeply invested in an issue. In a recent Chronicle of Philanthropy article, communication guru Paul VanDeCarr suggests a new approach to reaching new audiences: storytelling. Storytelling, especially storytelling that utilizes social media and other online platforms, can help turn lukewarm supporters into engaged audiences.   The […]

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New Campaign Focuses on How Climate Change Impacts the Things People Love

For many people, climate change seems distant, abstract, and hard to understand. The challenge of climate communicators, of course, is to make climate personal, relevant, and easy to grasp. In many cases, climate communicators also want to spur their audiences toward action. A new campaign in the UK, put on by the nonprofit group The […]

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7 Tips for Building a Successful Climate Movement

Earlier this year, an unlikely alliance of cowboys, ranchers, and environmentalists came together to rally against the Keystone XL pipeline. The rally, called “Reject and Protect,” drew thousands of people from across the country in Washington, D.C. to encourage President Obama not to approve the pipeline. In this recent blog post, Climate Access staff members […]

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How Peer-to-Peer Conversations Can Drive Climate Engagement

Congregations in Minnesota have started holding small, peer-to-peer conversations about climate change, according to a recent blog post from Climate Access. The conversations, which are part of a new initiative led by Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light (MIPL) with assistance from Climate Access, are designed to increase engagement around climate change among those who aren’t […]

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